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With the advent of digital cameras and high-quality scanners, many people tend to gather huge amounts of photographs, and keeping them in order can be a difficult task. Family Photo Buddy helps you not only to classify your photo collection, but also to add important and interesting information about each image.
When you add a photo to the program, it creates automatically a backup of it. Then, you can manipulate the saved image in several ways. For example, you can rotate, flip, sharpen, or modify its brightness and contrast, among other actions. Also, you can add data about the photo itself (date in which it was taken, title, subject, photographer and more), and about the photo's subject(s), such as name(s), address, phone, and so on.
An interesting feature is an ability of adding biographical data about the subject(s), thus adding more interest to the photos. The data added can be reused in several photos; for example, if a subject appears for several times, you don't need to write his/her name again and again, but you can retrieve it from the list that the program generates automatically.
The program also can retrieve images directly from your digital camera and scanner, so you can upload your photos to your system directly from its interface. All those features, and the fact that it is very affordable, make this program a very good choice for photo lovers.

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